Monday, August 11, 2008

Word World - Sheep's a Star

Welcome to a World where Words come Alive! WordWorld revolves around WordFriends and WordThings characters helping children learn how to spell as they spell words that, usually, gets them out of trouble.

In this fun and educational DVD Sheep, one of the WordFriends, stars in her own DVD titled Sheep's a Star that contains four great epsiodes: Princess Sheep, The Birds, W Drought, and Chef Sheep.

In Princess Sheep, Sheep gets royally carried away playing princess. It is only after she hurts Bear's feelings that Sheep learns that a true princess isn't selfish, but kind and generous instead.

In The Birds, Sheep does her zany best to care for an egg she finds, until the baby bird is born and reunited with its mother.

In W Drought, on a hot summer day, all the WATER in WordWorld starts to dry up because the letter W is missing! Sheep leads the WordFriends in the hunt to discover just who is causing the W drought.

In Chef Sheep, Sheep has to take over Pig's cooking show when Pig gets a pot stuck on his face. Will Sheep summon up the confidence she needs to save the day?

Watch out for this DVD when it hits stores on August 19, 2008 or head over to NCircle Entertainment to buy this title or all of the WordWorld titles and to find out more about WordWorld and all of NCircle's quality products.

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