Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Will and Dewitt

There seems to be a lot more things that you can't do than things you can do when you're a kid. Will, is an everyday kid who wants to do it all. He is able to jump into new situations with a little help from his best friend and cheerleader, Dewitt (who happens to be a frog). Together, Will and Dewitt are ready to make a big splash in the world.

Set just a few steps beyond Will's backyard is Will's grotto, a place where Will, Dewitt and their other colorful friends support and encourage each other to try new things. In the Grotto, no one judges; everyone supports! With original songs and endless humor in every episode, children will be encouraged to take their first leaps into new situations.

The television series was created because of the wildly popular Kandoo Bath and Toilet products that featured a cartoon frog; now, because of the the television show, the frog has a name, Dewitt. Kandoo is a line of personal care products that empower kids to master the bathroom that are produced by Pampers Company.

In the first DVD My BFF (Best Frog Friend!) there are 6 stories filled with humor, music and friendship that provide an empowering look at every day life lessons and kid's special first accomplishments. Things are always a little easier with a friend by your side, especially one that's a frog!

  1. Story 1: My Frog Lips are Sealed - Sam, Will's friend, whispers a secret to Will and makes him promise not to tell. But the secret seems to have a mind of its own.
  2. Story 2: Stage Coached - Will has a line in the school play. Dewitt coaches him to be the very best talking tree trunk he can be.
  3. Story 3: Fair Factor - Will is finally tall enough to go on the rollercoaster at the County Fair, but he doesn't want to be.
  4. Story 4: Draw - Everybody in Will's class has to draw a self-portrait for display.
  5. Story 5: Will Crafted Gift - Will has to take a gift to Sam's birthday party, wand is excited about all the stuff in the toy catalogues until Mom sees a note in the invitation, "Nothing store-bought please!" Will has to make something himself!
  6. Story 6: Reading Railroad - With his brand new library card, Will goes to the library with the family and has a day's adventure!

In the second DVD Frog-tastic Family Fun! there are 6 stories filled with humor, music and friendship that provide an empowering look at every day life lessons and kid's special first accomplishments just like My BFF (Best Frog Friend!) . Whether it's a family of animal pals in the backyard grotto, or little sisters and big brothers at home - everything is more fun with family!

  1. Story 1: Double Frog Dare - Will is double-dog dared by a girl at school to drink a jar of pickle the same time as Dewitt is double-frog dared to perform a ridiculous series of stunts.
  2. Story 2: Wreckfast in Bed - After Fred, Will's brother, gets praise for helping out with dinner, Will decides to surprise and impress his parents with Saturday-morning breakfast in bed.
  3. Story 3: Trading Pluses - Will trades a comic book for something cool on the playground...and enjoys the transaction so much, he just keeps on trading.
  4. Story 4: I Thank, Therefore I Am - Will's parents think he's old enough this year to write his own thank-you cards for his birthday gifts, but how can you be "grateful and sincere" for a plastic box of hankerchiefs from a crazy Great Aunt?
  5. Story 5: No Cause for Alarm - Will gets his first alarm clock. The rookie clock is like an excited 4-year-old, thrilled to be out of the box. Dewitt starts to get jealous. He can't believe he's competing for Will's affections with a box of springs.
  6. Story 6: Where There's a Will There's a Wedding - Dad's little sister is getting married and she wants Will to be the ring boy. "What does that mean? Does this mean I'm married to the flower girl?" Will thinks to himself...

Watch out for these DVDs when they hits stores on August 26, 2008 with two family fun packed titles, My BFF (Best Frog Friend!) and Frog-tastic Family Fun!, or head over to NCircle Entertainment to pre-order a copy and to find out more about Will and Dewitt and all of NCircle's quality DVD products.

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