Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mighty Machines: Power Pack

The new Mighty Machines is bigger and mightier than ever; that’s because it’s the: POWER PACK!

This 4-pack is loaded with over 360 minutes of earth movin’, wave runnin’, fast flyin’, city slickin’ Mighty Machines!

In Diggers and Dozers there’s building, blasting and crushing! It’s all in a day’s work for these front-end loaders, diggers and dozers! Huge shovels dig foundations, a towering crane builds a skyscraper, dynamite sends a smokestack crumbling to the ground, and a colossal crusher grinds up rock.

In Lights and Ladders children lean that it takes a lot of work to keep a city running, but with these tough machines on the job, anything is possible! They get to explore a real life fire truck and see how it works, find out where the garbage goes, and follow street sweepers and tall tree trimmers as they keep the city clean and green.

In Roadways to Runways children get to meet the machines that drive the highways and fly the skyways! See what it takes to transport a race car to the track, and then they jet off to the airport and go behind the scenes as planes of all sizes prepare for take, and finally they’ll have to fasten their seat belts and hit the road with an 18-wheeler as it journeys on a long adventure!

In Boats to the Rescue it’s all hands on deck for an ocean adventure! The harbor is bustling with seafaring heroes of all types and sizes. The kids will be able to patrol the harbor with the police boat as it greets all its sea mates, they’ll get to visit the enormous naval ships, ferry boats and cargo vessels that call the port home, and finally get to recover a man overboard with the Coast Guard!
Watch out for this DVD when it hit stores on September 30, 2008 or head over to NCircle Entertainment to order a copy on the 30th.

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